We thought that people would like to see video footage of the band, but we never get much opportunity to video gigs, plus we don't want to block the view of the band for the audience, hence there aren't as many clips as there might have been! In fact, we're so very busy gigging these days that these clips have become ancient very quickly - sorry about that. Although these clips are old, they still give a bit of an idea - except that Kay has dark hair, we're all a bit older - and the band is actually even better now! We will add some newer clips when we get the time, but don't hold your breath... We've decided to update our video page completely, but it's a slow process, as the files take a while to create and upload... However, we were able to get a couple of gigs recorded at the beginning of September 2009, so we will make as many clips available as we can. We are making them available on the excellent YouTube website, which also allows us to include the videos here! As always, the clips were filmed by Gill. Check back regularly to see what's new! Enjoy!

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This clip was recorded by one of our friends at Netherton Liberal Club on 26 September 2009 - and was the first ever clip of us to appear on YouTube! Thanks!
If you would like to see these clips on the YouTube website, where you can post comments and ratings (once you have a YouTube account of course!), they can be reached by selecting the appropriate link below.

"Rockin' All Over The World"

"Summer Of '69"

"You To Me Are Everything"

Our ABBA Medley

"Livin' On A Prayer"