Beyond Words was a multi-award-winning band that had been playing in and around the West Midlands since around 2003. They played a very wide range of material, including covers of songs by artists such as Abba, Blues Brothers, Kings of Leon, Bon Jovi, Queen, and Tina Turner, to name but a few! You can check out the list of songs they played here, and a selection of old live MP3 recordings (which give a very good indication of the band's sound) are available here! This web site is being left for the time being as an archive of what was one of the most successful trios playing in Midlands clubs during the 21st Century. The site will eventually be incorporated into the BKJ website so that the archive will remain accessible for anyone interested in history!

The site is no longer being updated since the band ended on 3rd January 2015.


Beyond Words called it a day after their final gig on 3rd January 2015 after over 10 very successful years. During that time we have played hundreds of gigs in almost as many different venues, and entertained literally thousands of punters. We are so very grateful for the wonderful support that we have received over that time from clubs, entertainment secretaries, the general public, various agents that we have worked with, and so on - we have been complimented, encouraged, and given very helpful advice which has all combined together to bring us to where we are today! The awards that we have won tell it all: Midlands Counties Best Trio in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, South Staffs Best Band 2013, and winners of the Jack Stain Commemorative Shield 2013. These awards tell us that we have been doing something right over the years, and delights us! It isn't really the end though, as Kay is continuing with her successful solo career ably assisted and supported by her husband John. As for Bimal, he is getting his material together for a solo career that will be launching properly this year - again, details can be checked out on his site. The experience they have gained with Beyond Words stands them in good stead for these future undertakings, so check them out! And most of all, thank you all for your wonderful support over the years!

(Site last updated 14th February 2015)


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