BKJ Biography - Part 3

BKJ spent a little time in between bands, honing his recording techniques, using his trusty Tascam 244 Portastudio, along with his Yamaha CX5M Music Computer. Then, suddenly and out of the blue, he was asked whether he would be interested in joining another band. "Change of Heart" had been going for several years, and had quite a dedicated following. They had released 2 cassette-based albums as well, filled with original songs. In fact, BKJ had even designed the cassette inlay for their second album, which was called "Listen". He knew all of the members because they had moved in similar circles to "Torch" and in fact Shane Pincher became the drummer for both bands at one point! It transpired that "Change of Heart"s original guitarist had decided to leave the band, and BKJ was the first choice to replace him. It was a tough ask because their playing styles were very different, but eventually BKJ managed to learn all of the material and extended his playng style in the process. Another guitarist was also asked to rejoin the band - John Davis had been one of the original members, as well as having written several songs for the band. Eventually they became good friends, and the additional guitar extended the band's sonic palette. The band rehearsed regularly and performed at every opportunity, playing all over the country and receiving rave reviews!

(To be continued...)





"Change of Heart" photographed before BKJ joined, around 1992