Welcome to the BKJ Website! This site has been designed to provide all of the information you might want or need to find out about BKJ. It will always be a work in progress so you will find that as time goes by, more and more content will be added, such as MP3 files of performances, so that you get an idea of the type of performer BKJ is.

The first question you may be wondering about is "Why 'BKJ'?" and the answer is simple: it's the initials of his full name - Bimal Kumar Jangra!

You may well never have heard of him, but that is probably because he has been playing in a number of groups over the past 37 or so years. Most recently, he was one third of the multi award-winning trio "Beyond Words", usually playing lead guitar for them. You can read all about this now-defunct trio by checking out the link at the left.

When this website was first set up, BKJ was hoping to be able to eventually start doing some gigs in and around the parts of the Midlands that he knows well, and has already performed in in his previous performing lives. However, there just hasn't been a real chance to devote enough time to getting this all sorted out, what with one thing and another. So for now, he is enjoying recording a very varied selection of songs to illustrate what he is capable of. He knows full well that not all of these songs would work in a club situation, but that doesn't matter - the most important factor is that he likes the songs he is covering on here - in fact, he loves a lot of them. Hopefully, people listening to the recordings will also enjoy them. He has put some videos on YouTube so that some of his best recordings might reach a wider audience. He is also determined to re-record some of the songs already here - because when push comes to shove, he is not 100% happy with virtually any of them, and is always looking for ways to do them again and make them sound better. This is of course the double-edged sword of having your own recording facilities at home. You could call it a recording studio, but he choses not to do so as that makes it sound very pretentious. However, the facilities he uses are capable of producing recordings that would match any 'real' studio, so the sound quality is always pristine, and the resources used are the best available. Now he just wants his performances to live up to that standard as well! When a new recording it put on the site, he will let people know via his Facebook page, and you can also see when the updated date changes on this page! Things should be happening - more so in 2024 and onwards, especially now he has retired (helped out of his job by the Covid pandemic!) The entire "Beyond Words" band website is also available as an online archive - this is the complete site as it was when the band played their final gig on 3rd January 2015, and it contains everything that was on their site at that time. So, if you want to find out what made them one of the best live trios performing in club land, take a look!

If there is something you want to know which isn't currently covered by the content on the site pages, please just email bkj at bkjmusic.co.uk (replacing the word 'at' with @ to complete the email address).

(Site last updated: 31st December 2023)